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Dalsland is often called a miniature of Sweden . Most of what tourists expect to find in Sweden can be found here . Lying to the west of Lake Vänern you can here find for example glorious waterways, good bathing , deep forests , fishing lakes , bike trails and fun motorbike routes. In other words : All of Sweden in one province .

If you want to experience Dalsland, the Visitor in Håverud is the perfect place to use as a base. We are located in the center of the province and from here you are close to everything, even to Norway. We can also offer accommodation in a peaceful and relaxing environment.

 Our motto is to offer our guests personalized service , good accommodation, good food and exciting experiences , all at a reasonable cost.

 Holiday Cottages

M/S Nils Ericson af Håfverud

Houseboat Färjun af Håfverud

Restaurant the Visitor

Grill & Café

Dalsland on a motorbike

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Welcome to the Visitor,
Holiday Cottages & Hostel
-In the heart of Håverud-


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