Dalsland on a motorbike

Dalsland on a motorbike

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Our facility is the perfect starting point for a cool motorcycle experiences in Dalsland and Norway.
The Visitor can offer good accommodation at reasonable prices and if you visit us why not take the opportunity to take a tour of the famous Aqueduct with our ship M / S Nils Ericson.
We are able to accommodate groups and clubs.
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There are many bike riders who are enthusiastic about the so-called Brudfjällsvägen. This is a winding road that takes you from Håverud to Dals Långed.

The road is very bumpy, but additionally hilly, giving great variation in the run. The road surface is good. Brudfjällsvägen runs parallel to the Dalsland Canal and is about 10 km long. To Dals långed is 16 km away.

Watch the movie from Brudfjällsvägen

Lovely Brudfjällsvägen-  the most enjoyable road in Sweden

This title could recently be read in the magazine Auto Motor & Sport.
It is described, among other things, like this: ”An orgy in curves and with a slope of 21 percent throughout. Seven kilometers of enjoyment! It’s narrow, winding back and forth, up and down, back and forth – not quite unlike a roller-coaster. Sometimes when it swings to and at the same time goes steep downhill creates a breathtaking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Must be experienced!